The following are our publications sharing the knowledge and practical applications that we are discovering and developing:

Avatar and the Co-Evolution of Consciousness, Culture and Society

Integral Cinematic Arts Journal, Jul 11, 2019
An exploration of the Co-Evolutionary relationship of consciousness, cultural worldviews and societal structures and how it is reflected in Avatar.

Cinema and the Evolutionary Emotional-Aesthetics of Sri Aurobindo 

Integral Cinema Project, 2019 

This is a research report on one of our current research projects exploring the integral-evolutionary theories and approaches of Sri Aurobindo's work.

Healers in the Hood: Reflections on the Passing of John Singleton, Selma and the New Consciousness in African American Cinema 

Integral Cinematic Arts Journal, May 14, 2019. 

An exploration of the connections between the passing of African American filmmaker John Singleton, the film Selma by African American filmmaker Ava DuVernay and the new movement in African American Cinema towards a more complex and comprehensive integral conscious-raising approach to capturing and confronting the continuing challenges faced by African Americans including structural and hidden racism and white supremacy.

The Matrix and the Evolution of Consciousness

Integral Cinematic Arts Journal, Apr 19, 2019

Or, taking the Red Pill and waking up to the coming of Winter: Reflections on meta-perspectival storytelling, The Matrix, Game of Thrones and our current global situation.

Structures of Cinematic Consciousness

Integral Cinema Project, Dec 2018

This white paper is a preliminary mapping of how stages of human development and the structures of consciousness that make up each stage are embedded in moving image-based artifacts such as movies, television, online and mobile video, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality mediums. These mappings are based on a meta-analysis of hundreds of moving image artifacts cross-referenced with research on stages of human development, structures of individual and collective human consciousness, human perception, creative expression, and cultural and social anthropology. This research suggests that human beings project their structures of consciousness into their creative works. This in turn appears to create similar composites of structures of consciousness embedded in these works. In a sense these embedded consciousness structures create a kind of cinematic consciousness that lives within the constructed cinematic reality of these moving images.

Media Literacy for a Post-Truth Age 

Integral Cinema Project, June 2017

A presentation to the Carey Institute for Global Good outlining an integrally-informed approach to media literacy designed to help people discern what is the truth in this age of fake news, reality bubbles and invisible propaganda networks.

The Co-Evolution of the Moving Image, Consciousness, Culture, and Society

Integral Cinema Project and Tiki-Toki, ongoing (Beta Version).

An interactive web-based multimedia timeline research platform and showcase for continuing meta-analysis and theory-building, published online.