Human Hive by Roberto Veronesi

The Cinevolve Initiative is bringing together great minds and hearts from all related domains of knowledge and practice in an online global-human-hive collective intelligence and development platform where they will collaborate on our mission of the storification and gamification of the stages of human development and the evolution of individual and collective consciousness.

The hive consists of several different yet interwoven community circles that represent the different domains of theory and practice within and between diverse fields including art, film, videogames, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, social media, transmedia, transformative technology, storytelling, creative expression, cinematic and experiential design, consciousness studies, human perception, childhood and adult developmental and evolutionary psychology, cultural anthropology, evolutionary biology, collective intelligence, Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, complexity and systems theory.

If you are interested in joining the Cinevolve Hive use our online contact form in the right-hand column to contact us and tell us why you would like to join and what you hope to contribute.