The goal of Cinevolve is to bring together media, technology and consciousness scholars and practitioners to uplift humanity through the storification and gamification of the stages of human development and the evolution of individual and collective consciousness in order to accelerate and expand the evolutionary development of humanity.

Many experts in various fields believe humanity is on the cusp of a major evolutionary turning point and that it will take a monumental leap for us to make the transition. Multiple societal structures are collapsing as the old system deconstructs to make way for what is being called to emerge. We face complex global-scale challenges that require a whole new way of thinking and perceiving. Large portions of the world’s population, sensing the great challenges of this moment, are recoiling in fear and seeking refuge in an earlier evolutionary stage of human development, which is giving rise to the re-emergence of nationalistic and fear-based cultural and social structures.

Our technologies are evolving much faster than our collective consciousness, which makes the leap we are called to take even greater and more dangerous. What is required is a major acceleration of the evolution of human consciousness to match the acceleration of our technological changes. One way to potentially achieve this objective would be a major collective effort to use our technologies to help us evolve our consciousness. Since media technologies are perhaps the most powerful collective transformation tool we possess, Cinevolve is being created to bring together great minds from various disciplines to storify and gamify the stages of human development and the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. Our vision is to use our technologies to support technology-assisted full developmental spectrum vehicles for learning and development throughout the entire lifespan of the individual and the collective.

Organizational Frameworks

We are seeking to form and/or collaborate with two organizational containers or entities to achieve our goals:

  • A non-profit container to support our global-human-hive collective intelligence and development platform. Experts from around the world will join together to develop these technologies and prototype products and services that will support the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. The knowledge, data and methodologies generated by this collective will be released as free and open source content to the world in order to give as many media artists the tools they need to contribute to this effort and to reach the broadest audience regardless of income.

  • A for-profit production entity that will be the container for bringing the prototype products and services to market, including traditional media story vehicles (movies, television series, streaming video), interactive and gaming vehicles (video games, VR/AR/MR Games), transmedia storytelling vehicles (integrated multi-medium, and multi-platform expression), and an online evolutionary Transformative Community of Practice [TCoP] social network. A significant percentage of the profits for the products and services will be used to support continued research, development and production, and special low-income access to the content. In addition, all community members involved in the development of a successful product or service will receive points in recognition of their contribution and in support of their continued work in their own areas of interest. 

Community Circles

Our goal is to bring together great minds and hearts from all related domains of knowledge and practice in an online global-human-hive collective intelligence and development platform where they will collaborate on our mission of the storification and gamification of the stages of human development and the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. The hive will consist of several different yet interwoven community circles that represent the different domains of theory and practice within and between diverse fields including art, film, video games, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, social media, transmedia, transformative technology, storytelling, creative expression, cinematic and experiential design, consciousness studies, human perception, childhood and adult developmental and evolutionary psychology, cultural anthropology, evolutionary biology, collective intelligence, Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, complexity and systems theory.

Developmental Models

We will be experimenting with several different models of human development including both models that focus on individual developmental lines and meta-theory models that map multiple lines. Individual developmental line models that will be used in our research include the cognitive, emotional, moral, self-Identity, worldview, values, and stages of faith lines of development. Meta-theory models that will be used include Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Spiral Dynamics Integral, iConscious and STAGES Models. Founders and theorists from all of these models will be invited to participate as members of our Theorists-Advisors Circle and will receive points in all products and services that use their models.


We will be working with several design prototypes and experimental templates as we develop and operationalize a storification and gamification metadesign methodology. These prototypes are submitted to the community by any of the invited media creator community members and are intended to be working models for the community to experiment with internally during the design phase. Prototypes that successfully complete the design phase can then enter the production and distribution phases for testing of proof-of-concept in the real world.


All knowledge and practical applications that we are discovering and developing are being offered to the global community in various forms, including through publications, courses and workshops, individual and organizational consulting, and the creation and distribution of media works that share these discoveries and developments via both educational and entertainment vehicles.