Sunday, April 5, 2020

This Liminal Moment

We are in a profound moment for our species. The evolutionary challenge many of us have been talking about has now kicked into high gear and we are entering what anthropologists and systems theorists call the liminal phase.

This moment is the chrysalis phase, the stage where the caterpillar turns to liquid inside the cocoon but the butterfly has yet to begin to emerge. This is a moment of pure possibility...and also extreme danger.

All our systems are in flux across all domains of existence - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, cultural, social... We are in what Integral Theory refers to as a tetra-evolutionary moment.

All four main domains of reality -- the Individual and Collective, Interior and Exterior aspects of all that is -- are in synchronous transformation on a global, civilization-wide scale.

This transformation is happening at an unprecedented rate and scale. In the language of technology this is a major operating system reboot.

Time to fasten our seatbelts, put on our oxygen masks and help each other through the turbulence. This is just the beginning...2020 is the gateway to the Age of Transformation.

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