Friday, October 18, 2019

"Game of Thrones" Journey of Consciousness

Not everyone who has watched Game of Thrones realizes it is a deep and profound journey of consciousness because that journey was masterfully hidden under the surface of the series until the final season. Once we have seen the full arc of the storyworld we can begin to see that this series is, perhaps, one of the moving-image's largest scale efforts to viscerally capture a stage of individual and collective human development and take us on a journey deep inside it's structure of consciousness as it evolves to the next stage of development for many of the characters and for the society as a whole.

The following is a video podcast that Jonathan Steigman and I did on GoT where we take a deep dive into an exploration of this journey of consciousness and how it reveals itself in the series finale and how when we look back at the series after seeing the whole storyworld arc, the journey of consciousness reveals itself hiding just under the surface...a journey about the transition from the Mythic structure of consciousness and the end of feudalism...and the rise and fall of an authoritarian demagogue with the equivalent of weapons of mass destruction.

Why the Game of Thrones finale is BRILLIANT! (TEHNC 26) from TEHNC Podcast on Vimeo.


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